Fairfield’s 164th Annual County Fair

It’s just a few months away!

When:  October 5-11th, 2014


157 E. Fair Ave.

 Lancaster, OH 43130

More info:  http://www.fairfieldcountyfair.org/

I’m excited and looking forward to the antique auction myself.

Well I guess it’s clear that even though my blog is called the daily fairfield, I don’t blog daily.  Whatever.  Maybe I’ll get better at it, but at the moment I’m rather distracted trying to stay focused on this darn diet.

Oh if only these hcg injections were easier.  It looks so easy until you’re actually doing it, sheesh.

No matter.  By the time October rolls around I’ll be wearing my old favorite jeans (I hope) for the county fair.  Yee-haw!!

Don’t forget to check out the barn quilt project if you plan on going to the fair!


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